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About M7

The genesis of M7 was a project assigned to a cohort of seven Executive MBA professionals to analyze, develop, and deploy a comprehensive business plan for a newly launched, veteran owned business. It was with this enthusiasm and positive results that M7 was born with the goal of higher revenue growth, reduced costs, and increased operational efficiency – all to drive greater profits and increased company value.

Imagine what M7 can do for you!

M7 is structured to help clients in various industries deliver optimal results based on situational analysis and proven processes tailored for small to medium sized businesses.

Our partners are prior business owners and have extensive experience leading teams in Technology, Health Care, Finance, Government, Utilities, and Construction.

Marketing & Sales

Increase top line revenue Reduce customer churn

M7 has extensive experience in developing customer and market insights crucial to identifying new opportunities for clients. M7 helps companies plan and execute successful strategic marketing programs that reverberate with the client’s audiences.

We provide insight into customers’ needs to develop innovative marketing campaigns required to drive top live revenue growth while reducing customer churn.

Project examples include:

  • Situational Analysis & Market Opportunities
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Fit vs Attractiveness
  • Sales Funnel Growth and Go to Market Strategy
  • Increase Digital footprint in traditional and social

Organizational Transformation

Strengthen team alignment

Grow knowledge and skillset

Reduce employee turnover

M7’s Organizational Transformation team works with business owners and executives to design and implement transformation across the entire organization. We offer strategy, review, and implementation support towards real and lasting impact.

Areas of focus include:

  • Develop internal resources to full potential through coaching and mentoring
  • Current employee engagement questionnaires, suggested action items, action plans, strengths and opportunity worksheets
  • Hiring candidate support program


M7’s Finance team works with business owners to understand fundamental accounting procedures and develop finance processes required to run an effective business.

Understand business management best practices

Develop analytics to forecast and track revenue

Explore available finance options to Small Business Owners

Areas of focus include:

  • Analyze current accounting and financing for inefficiencies and areas for improvement
  • Work with business owner to identify potential sources of small business loans orother financing for company growth
  • Assist in identifying local accounting and/or tax resources that can provide onsite or outsource services


Increase Operational Efficiency Reduce Shipping Costs up to 50%

M7’s Operational Improvement team works with the business owner/management to analyze, develop, and implement solutions tailored to meet the client’s specific operational requirements.

Our services are provided by proven business owners and executives who have a demonstrated track record at large and small companies backed by advanced degrees in particular Masters in Business Administration.

One area that M7 is exceptionally strong in is Operational Logistics. Our team has contracts with major world-wide shipping companies to provide the client with extremely cost competitive product import/export services:

  • Air
  • Ocean
  • Customs Clearance
  • Distribution
  • 3PL Services